Julius Ceasar: Non-Traditionally Cast

Ceasar: to be played by a woman Brutus: to be played by a sassy black woman Antony: to be played by an 11-year-old Phillipino girl Portia: genderfluid 75-year-old paraplegic Cassius: body-positive Japanese plus-size pop idol with no arms Calphurnia: a rescue Great Dane with impossibly sad eyes Casca: a parrot that only speaks in Greek curse words […]


That Stuffed Cloak-bag of Guts

That Stuffed Cloak-bag of Guts

(Note: I originally posted the following on Facebook, but I liked it so much that I thought total strangers deserved to see it as much as casual acquaintances and intimate relations.  I apologize to all in my Facebook community who no longer feel special.  You are all still special, but not “this post”-special.)

That moment when…

…you have breathed deep the heady opiate fumes of Pokémon Go and have given into the glorious hunt.  At present, you are struggling with a Caterpie (it is always the Caterpie that give you the most trouble.)   Your battery is low and the battle is tense, but you finally manage get him (her?) trapped in […]

Writing Prompts That YOU Can Use

You’re on your way to your first day of Basic Pickling Techniques at the local adult education center, when a time-traveling Ayn Rand gives you an important message. You are teaching your first class in Time-Travelling at the local adult education center when you are interrupted by Ayn Rand, who can’t find her way to […]

The 15 Best Nonessential ‘Breaking Bad’ Characters

15. Paul, of TwaughtHammer fame 14. Lewis, Walter Jr.’s best/only friend 13. Jesse’s little brother 12. German Dipping Sauce Scientist 11. Remote Control Car Kid 10. Fake Heisenberg 9. Mistake Fake Heisenberg 8. That Lady That Works at Los Pollos 7. Charlie Rose 6. That One Lazy-ass Student (“I think I may have ADD…”) 5. […]

Summertime Depression Is A Thing; Just Admit That You Have It

I think we can all agree that summertime as an adult is the absolute balls.  What was once a welcome respite from academic drudgery becomes a waking nightmare of sweaty fatigue.  No day at the pool for you, adult.  You’re an adult.  You should be doing adult things.  Take those swimmies off. So, you get […]