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That moment when…

…you have breathed deep the heady opiate fumes of Pokémon Go and have given into the glorious hunt.  At present, you are struggling with a Caterpie (it is always the Caterpie that give you the most trouble.)   Your battery is low and the battle is tense, but you finally manage get him (her?) trapped in a pristine Pokéball. It busts out, for Caterpies are underestimated for their strength and tenacity, and ready your arm for another face-off…but something is wrong.  This Caterpie, it does not leap back into its sanctioned battle stance as is customary Pokémon etiquette.  This Caterpie, it does not retreat.  It will not back down.  It boldly posits itself as close to the screen as possible, eyes locked with yours, body swaying like a cobra. Is this…is this Caterpie challenging you?   Is it looking into your soul, seeing all your sins laid bare and judging you for them?  You don’t know.  How could you know?  All that you know, as you frantically power off your phone is that you are going to die.  Maybe not today, maybe not for weeks or months or even years, but one day, when your guard is finally at ease, when you lay yourself down waiting for the secure cloud of sleep to envelop you…you will see those same dead, bulbous black eyes one more time.  And they will be the last things you ever see…

Photo on 7-19-16 at 12.25 PM

The horror…


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