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Summertime Depression Is A Thing; Just Admit That You Have It

I think we can all agree that summertime as an adult is the absolute balls.  What was once a welcome respite from academic drudgery becomes a waking nightmare of sweaty fatigue.  No day at the pool for you, adult.  You’re an adult.  You should be doing adult things.  Take those swimmies off. So, you get […]

Vote or Dye (Spools of Yarn)

Dr. William H. Cosby (Professor of Our Hearts and Souls) has just given the world a great gift and an even greater responsibility.  He has bestowed upon us- mere mortals that we are- the task of choosing a great Champion.  This Champion will uphold the ideals by which Dr. Cosby has lived his life- ideals […]

Let’s All Geek Out Together

I went on The Mary Sue today to check the number of Facebook likes on my last post see what was new in the world of geekery.  The first thing I saw was this: Which made me do this: Sometimes I think we are living in the best of all possible time lines.