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Michonne’s Best Day Ever

There’s a new The Walking Dead on tonight.  Is there anybody who is not hate-watching this show at this point?

I am sick of seeing my favorite characters killed unceremoniously, sick of  Andrea’s wibbling, sick of Crazy Widower Rick’s hallucinatory shenanigans, sick of waiting for Carol and Daryl to hook-up (Carol/Daryl 4evah!), etc, etc, forever and ever, Amen.

The most grievous offense, though?  Michonne.  Lord, how this show has betrayed Michonne.

She’s my favorite character from the comics, and I just feel so sorry for how the show has effed up her character.  Sure, Comic Book Michonne is troubled.  Does she make bad decisions?  Of course.  But she is also complex.  There are more shades to her than “bitch-face”.  I could go on and on about Michonne, but I won’t.  Instead, I will honor her by giving her the best day ever.  In crayon form:


Fly away, Michonne.  Fly away and be free.


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