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Happy Easter

  When I first told my boyfriend about this concept, he said that only New York theater audiences might get it.  Good, I said.  My crayon scribblings aspire to a level of sophisticated glamour and high ticket prices. That will be ninety-five dollars, please. Advertisements

Michonne’s Best Day Ever

There’s a new The Walking Dead on tonight.  Is there anybody who is not hate-watching this show at this point? I am sick of seeing my favorite characters killed unceremoniously, sick of  Andrea’s wibbling, sick of Crazy Widower Rick’s hallucinatory shenanigans, sick of waiting for Carol and Daryl to hook-up (Carol/Daryl 4evah!), etc, etc, forever […]

Welcome Stranger And/Or Friend

Hello there.  This is my internet home.  Make yourself comfortable.  Well, not that com- Oh, for god’s sake, put your pants back on. I am known by many names.  Some call me “Amanda LaPergola”.  Others call me “LaPergs”.  A few called me “Lady Spike-Hammer” but they are now dead. Some of you may know me […]